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5 ways to get more from your women's Bible fellowship study
December 13, 2021 at 4:00 PM
woman with open bible on her lap

For many women today, the feeling of being pulled in many directions is all too familiar. Work, school, family, fitness, and other activities all compete for a spot on our ever-busy schedules. The more these activities pile up, the more we have to work to guard the time dedicated to Bible study.

That’s why when we are at last able to sit down in fellowship, we want to make every minute count. Whether it’s 15 minutes or 1 hour, we aim to optimize our efforts to get the highest possible benefits.

In this post, we’ll share with you our top five practical ways to make the most from your women's Bible fellowship.

1. Think long term

The Bible is the most misread and misinterpreted book of all time. Understanding it and applying its principles in our lives requires a lifelong commitment. Sometimes, we may not even comprehend a passage or apply the lesson on the same day. The important thing is that you keep at it, trusting that in God’s perfect timing, the usefulness of what you’ve studied will be revealed.

If you view Bible study fellowship as a short-term endeavor, it’s easy to get sidetracked when temporary inconveniences roll by. Study faithfully now, safe in the knowledge that nothing is wasted and that you’re building a vital habit that will serve you well all your life.

2. Do a systemic study

Rather than reading random passages from the Bible each fellowship, consider taking it one book at a time. You don’t have to start from Genesis 1:1, of course. Just try to focus on completing one book before moving to another.

This provides a more rounded understanding of the scriptures. It can also make the service more engaging. When we have a cohesive understanding of the book, it becomes much easier to pick out the lessons and apply them in our everyday lives.

3. Be more open with your community in Christ

The rationale behind Bible study fellowships is that people come together to reflect on the word of God and learn from one another. It won’t be much of a fellowship if it’s the same set of people leading the conversation all the time.

Allow yourself to be more open and engaging during Bible study. Ask questions, share insights, come up with fun, interactive activities to make sessions more interesting. Getting personally invested in your Bible fellowship can help you stay grounded in your long-term commitment

4. Understand the genre and honor the context

One of the reasons the Bible is so misunderstood is that many people take passages literally and try to make sense of it in today’s landscape. Remember the Bible was written thousands of years ago and comprises different literary genres. From historical narrative to wisdom literature and the gospels, each genre has a unique context.

To help you make better sense of what you’re studying, it’s important to research the historical and cultural context so you can have a more relatable view of the message.

5. Pray


Proverbs 2:6 tells us that wisdom comes from the Lord. From him, we are able to acquire knowledge and understanding. We need God’s wisdom if we are to become students of the Bible.

Praying is also a sign of humility before God. It’s an acknowledgment of our limitations as humans and a display of our trust in the almighty to see us through.

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