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Answers to common questions about live streaming Christian church services
April 3, 2022 at 4:00 PM
live streaming church services

Live streaming church services have become more popular than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as an efficient way to bypass the challenges posed by social distancing measures has evolved into a mainstay for Christians all over the world.

While live streaming is a great way to bridge the gap, setting it up can be an intimidating task. At Warehouse Christian Ministries, we have experience in live streaming Christian church services to reach our far-flung members, and to share God’s love with more people through the power of social media.

Are you looking to set up livestreaming for your church? In this blog, our team answers common questions about live streams for Christian church services.

What equipment is needed?

For churches that are just trying out live streaming for the first time, start with a dependable smartphone, a good light, and a tripod.

Livestreaming can be done using just a phone. However, for better audio and visual quality, attaching a microphone and ring light to the phone can improve the live stream quality.

For churches that are ready to invest more in live streaming, a video camera offers a higher definition resolution for the video.


Whatever equipment you decide to use, remember to have a live stream test before the actual service so you can check the video and audio quality as well as the angles of the camera. A live stream test also allows you to make the necessary adjustments before the actual service needs to be live-streamed.

What platforms can be used?

There are many platforms available for live streaming church services. Some are free and there are also paid platforms that can host live streams. We list down some of the most common platforms:


For starters and bigger reach, churches can live stream their services for free on Facebook. Livestreaming church services on Facebook through a dedicated page also allows church members to form a digital community.


For intimate gatherings or services, Zoom is a reliable choice when it comes to live streams. For services that are 40 minutes long or less and with at most 100 participants, live streaming on Zoom is free. An additional benefit of the platform is that Church pastors and leaders can also share their screens with members during the live stream.


If your church is considering live streaming services for good, investing in a YouTube channel can be beneficial in the long run. Churches can monetize videos on YouTube once the account becomes eligible for advertisements and reaches enough subscribers and viewers.

An additional benefit is that live stream videos on YouTube can be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook for exposure to a bigger audience.

How will people know about our live stream?

Promotion and marketing are a must in getting the word out there about the live stream services of your church. Church leaders and pastors need to inform members about the available live streaming services so that members can inform other people about it too.

Start by encouraging members to watch the live stream and to share the video link on their social media pages and to their friends. Post about the live stream on social media too so that members and interested individuals can join.

If your church has enough budget, promoting a live stream by paid boosting is also an option, especially on Facebook.

Attend our church services

If you’re looking for a church to nourish you spiritually and at the same time offers live streaming services, Warehouse Christian Ministries in Sacramento, CA is here for you. We believe the Bible to be the absolute and infallible authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We offer different church services, both physically and virtually, to fit into your busy schedule.

If you want to know more about our church services, call us at 916-361-0861 to speak with a pastor. We hope to see you soon in our church.

We take prayer requests too

If you have prayer requests but are unable to attend our church service physically, you can send them through our prayer request form, so we can pray for your intentions.