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Beginner’s guide to community Bible study in Sacramento
August 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Beginner’s guide to community Bible study in Sacramento

If you’ve never been part of a community Bible study in Sacramento, you might be curious about what you’ll find. At Warehouse Christian Ministries, we hold various Bible fellowships so you can learn from those in our community. We have a short beginner’s guide for those who might be new to our study sessions so you know what to expect as well as some of the benefits of studying the Bible in a group.

Prepare with individual study

Being a part of a Bible study group encourages you to stay consistent with your personal Bible study because you need to prepare before going to your group. This will help you to hold meaningful studies on your own each week as you study the appropriate chapters. Your personal Bible study is a great chance to be able to spend time reflecting on what you’ve read as well as how the scriptural passages made you feel.

Have a discussion

Meeting with a Bible study group is a great way to have discussions about what you’ve read the past week in your studies. Finding a way to convey your thoughts and feelings about the scriptures is a great way to internalize what you’ve learned. It’s not uncommon to have a free flow of speech and have an “ah-ha moment” as you speak. You might learn more from your side of the conversation than those around you as you hold an open conversation about the Bible.

Learn from one another

Discussing Bible passages is a great way to gain insight into what others have learned from their reading. As members of your group share their thoughts and feelings with one another, you’ll learn more about the Word of God and be able to find new and helpful ways of approaching scripture.

In addition to the useful points that others might make during your study group, you can learn different ways to study the Bible. Whether it’s because we’ve reached a difficult passage to understand or we’ve gotten into a rut, it’s not unusual to reach a point where our study techniques are not effective. We can learn new study techniques and strategies from others in our study group so we can have more effective study time on our own.

Be part of a community

Those with whom you study your Bible will become your brothers and sisters in Christ. Your study group will become a smaller subset of the overall congregation and you’ll have a chance to develop strong relationships with your fellow parishioners. Your Bible study group will be people who you pray with and learn to lean on spiritually. As a close-knit group, you’ll be able to have a deeper spiritual connection than what you would have with most people who you know.

Come study with us

If you’d like to learn more about our community Bible study in Sacramento, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff at Warehouse Christian Ministries. We hold multiple weekly Bible study groups that are meant to invite those seeking to learn more about God’s Word. To learn more about our Bible studies, get in touch with our Pastoral Staff by calling 916-361-0861 or send us an email at You can also send a message using our online contact form. Come worship with us as we learn more of God’s Word in our Bible study groups.