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Benefits of Sunday school classes for children in Sacramento, CA
January 18, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Benefits of Sunday school classes for children in Sacramento, CA

Getting kids to come to church can be a challenge. They would often prefer to be at home or out with friends, but you know that getting to church on Sunday is an important place for your family to worship each week. At Warehouse Christian Ministries, we offer Sunday school classes for children in Sacramento, CA that will make it easier for you to encourage your kids to come to church each week. We believe there are many benefits your children will get from attending Sunday school, a few of which you’ll find outlined below.

They learn church can be fun

There’s sometimes a stigma attached to going to church as a child. The thought of quietly sitting isn’t always appealing. However, Sunday school classes for children are so much more. They’ll have a chance to get up and move around while they sing songs about Christ, do activities, and engage with one another to learn. Church doesn’t have to be boring. Your kids will learn that it can be fun.

It reinforces learning good values

You do the best you can to teach your kids good values at home. Sometimes it takes the voice of another to help reinforce the things you’re teaching. Sunday school teachers are a great source for helping your child understand what it means to be Christ-like and what we can do to be true followers of Him. Your children will continue to learn good values that they can apply now and as they continue to grow.

They can make friends

Kids need to have good friends. Regularly coming to Sunday school helps your children to become acquainted with the other children in their classes, and they’ll eventually become friends. You can feel confident that your kids are making friends who come from parents who share similar values to you and your family.

They can find a mentor

It’s important for children to have adults they can look up to. Whether they see their teachers and pastors as mentors or not, they will continue to significantly influence how they go about their lives. You can be comfortable knowing that your children have someone they can look up to who will continue to guide them along the path of being an example of a true Christian to those around them.

Church becomes a habit

Everything we do is a habit. From the way we get dressed in the morning to the commute to and from work each day. Church is no different. It’s important to teach children early that going to church each Sunday is just something that you do. Creating this habit will help them get into the routine of getting ready each Sunday morning. A strong habit of attending church makes for smoother Sunday mornings now and is likely to encourage them to continue to want to attend as they grow.

Age-appropriate learning

It’s not uncommon for kids to struggle to go to church. Having to sit still and listen isn’t something that comes easily for many young children. Sunday school classes are designed to provide age-appropriate learning for children. Young children will often spend their time playing games, singing songs, or coloring pictures of Bible stories so they can become familiar with them. Older children will spend more time reading from the Bible and learning the principles behind the stories. We understand that not everybody learns the same way, so we’ll provide a variety of ways for children to learn.

Attend our services to see for yourself

You can come see us a Warehouse Christian Ministries to see for yourself how they’ll benefit from Sunday school classes for children in Sacramento, CA. We offer a variety of programs and activities for children that include Bible Storytime and youth ministry for children first through sixth grade. If you’d like to learn more, call 916-361-0861 to speak with a pastor or send a message using our contact form.