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Warehouse Children and Youth
Academy Purpose and Philosophy
March 25, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Sunday school classes in Sacramento are like insurance for your soul.

We know so much more about the human brain and the accelerated phase of learning that takes place in children from infants through five years old children build the greatest number of neuropathways in their brains. Our goal is to introduce them to the beauty and power of scripture to transform their lives, provide them comfort and strength as they grow up in a challenging world.

The class format begins with a time of worship. Then teaching then an open discussion time with students beginning as early as age 2 to discover together the teaching of Jesus and it's meaning for our lives.

The infants have the Bible read to them and worship videos to watch and dance to if they are old enough to dance along. The Bible story is reinforced through songs, discussion time and craft time.

Here are 3 benefits of Sunday school classes in Sacramento.

1. Learning the Bible in a way that engages youth.

Our curriculum is built on the concept that each invidivual no matter their age can learn and decide for themselves what they believe. All we can do is lead them to the point of decision as God speaks to their heart by sharing scriptural truths and the stories of the Bible.

2. Nuturing our spiritual nature'

In our daily and weekly lives it is important learn to set aside time to study the word. Forming this habit early is a good way to begin. Students are able to share their fears, their dreams and their worries with their classmates and teachers during conversation and prayer request time. They can be open to the spirit of God working in their lives and the lives of their friends.

We belive the Word is life. We trust it to work in the hears of the kids. Each teacher is trained in the Hebraic teaching style which shuns a spectaror like approach where you listen and do what I say. They are taught to think for themselves and through open discussion the Lord can speak to their hearts individually.

Through game time and craft time and worship time they can being to enter into corporate worship and feel a sense of community with their peeers.

3. The symbiosis of mentorship

Mentorship is essential to spiritual growth. This applies to both the mentees and mentors. And, during Sunday school classes in Sacramento, everyone is afforded the privilege of comforting and actively helping those in need.

This is vital spiritual sustenance that provides a profound sense of purpose and belonging, which is the bedrock of faith. Helping people in need and demonstrating love for them is a privilege adults and children can learn to appreciate more and more.

And, by mentoring the youth, you instill the tools in them to have healthy relationships with others while providing vital context for the Gospel. Mentoring is the Lord’s work. And there's no greater sense of purpose than accepting that task.

Lastly, for little ones, if you’re concerned about guidance and recognize your child needs shepherding towards the light, don’t worry. We all do. By cultivating a community, children feel connected, which is the best way to keep them on track and nourish their spirits.

Contact us now to attend Sunday school courses or a service!

If you’re interested in Sunday school classes in Sacramento, there’s no better time to start than right now. And, at Warehouse Christian Ministries, we love and care for the beautiful hearts of children in their most formative years. Statisitcally 80% of conversions to Christianity takes place by the age of fourteen. It is the most critical time in a person's spiritual life to set their life course at these early ages. Meeting Christ and learning Biblical truths to apply to all the critical decisions of our life times begins in our youth. We want to partner with you to help set these young ships to sail into the arms of Jeus and to trust him with their very lives.

So contact us now and feel free to ask us more details or to look at curriculum samples to see what is being taught. We welcome your feedback.