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How livestreaming services for church help you stay connected amid COVID restrictions
February 8, 2022 at 4:00 PM

With many still worried about gathering in crowds or attending events in closed spaces due to COVID-19 restrictions, livestreaming church services is a fantastic way to keep the community connected and engaged.

At Warehouse Christian Ministries, we want to reach as many worshippers as possible to share the love of God and the teachings of Jesus whether physically or virtually.

We offer different virtual activities so that current and new members can stay engaged wherever they are located. These include virtual Bible studies, receiving prayer requests on our website, and livestreaming.

If you’re looking to attend any of our programs but are physically unable to do so, here’s how our livestreaming for church services can help bridge the gap.

Wider reach

Livestreaming church services allows for a wider audience reach to include those who cannot leave their homes, members who are too busy to travel and attend, and individuals who live far away.

Livestreaming also opens more opportunities for church services to be accessible to a wider audience to include those overseas, as well as interested members who have physical limitations such as illnesses.

Solve space limitations

The pandemic has limited the number of people that can gather together for church services given the physical distancing requirement.

With livestreaming, space limitations are no longer an issue and there is that added feeling of security and safety for worshippers too who no longer have to gather physically in crowds and risk catching COVID.

Livestreaming also opens the church to more worshippers than it can typically accommodate. For example, if your church can usually accommodate 100 worshippers for a service, livestreaming could potentially increase the attendees to thousands.

Connect with Gen Zs

Gen Zs are found to be extremely online, with 66% saying that social media is an “essential” part of their daily lives based on a survey by Sprout Social.

Many young people are also curious about their spirituality but are hesitant to attend church services without “testing” it out first.

Livestreaming church services can reach more young people to be part of the community and at the same time allow them to explore their spirituality at their own pace, without pressure.

Raise funds

Livestreaming opens new channels for donations, fundraisers, and other sources of income, including monthly subscription plans.

With the rise of online payment systems due to the pandemic, digital channels for monetary donations would benefit churchgoers who are unable to physically attend church services. Livestreaming can also be an avenue for churches to ask for donations to further God’s work.

Boost digital presence

Nearly everything is online nowadays so it was only a matter of time before churches started to boost their digital presence to reach more people.

Livestreaming services increase the visibility of the church to pique the interest of more people online who are looking for a religious