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How to choose a church to attend that’s right for you
September 28, 2021 at 4:00 AM
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Finding the right church for you is a big part of what determines the way you worship. While it can be something solitary and personal to you some of the time, participating in a community of other Christians opens up greater opportunities to express your love for God. It’s important, though, to understand what makes a church suitable for you on the basis of your beliefs and the kinds of services and activities you want to participate in. When you find a community that you can connect with on a spiritual level, you’ll find it easier to engage with God and your love for Him in an active way.

Warehouse Christian Ministries might be that Christian community you’re looking for. We’re a nondenominational church based in Sacramento and offer a variety of ways for our members to engage with the teachings of Christ and with one another, no matter where they are.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the points you should consider when deciding how to choose a church to attend, including the services and activities you want to participate in, how closely the church you’re considering follows God’s teachings, and why we may be the right choice for you.

How do you want to participate in church and community services?

Are you looking for a formal liturgical setting, or are you more comfortable with a more informal sort of atmosphere? Are you looking for Bible study opportunities, or simply a community in which to attend Sunday church services? Are you comfortable with contemporary music being used during mass, or do you prefer something more traditional?

The way you answer these questions can lead you to varying different Christian denominations, though the size and location of the community also play a significant role. Protestant, Pentecostal, and nondenominational churches typically offer more informal settings and atmospheres for worship. Many smaller church communities may also be more likely to offer or promote Bible study opportunities or other activities which help connect you more strongly with other members of the community.

Does the church you’re considering fulfill the intended purpose of God’s church?

As written in Focus on the Family, the main purposes of the church are evangelism, edification, worship, and social concern. This means that a church should reach out to non-Christians to spread the word of Christ in some capacity, support its members, gather those members together to express their love for God, and encourage its members to perform acts of service for others out in the larger world.

There are a lot of ways a church can adhere to these purposes in a way that remains true to God’s will and honors the teachings of Christ. As expressed in the previous section of this post, what will determine the right community for you in this area will largely come down to that community’s style of worship. So long as a church’s style remains within God’s intended purpose and suits your own personal way of connecting with God and with others, it’s a viable and acceptable option for you.

Why Warehouse Christian Ministries may be right for you

Warehouse Christian Ministries provides ways for its members to express their love for God and better understand Christ’s teachings in a few different ways. Although we’re based out of Sacramento, many of our activities and services are available virtually to reach people outside of our own geographic area. We’ve previously written more extensively about what sets us apart from other churches on our blog.

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