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Mary Neely
Women's Live Online
Director and Content Curator

Mary Neely taught in women’s ministry since the nineties when she began Women’s Bible Fellowship at Warehouse Christian Ministries, Sacramento, California, where her husband pastors. She has mentored others as Bible teachers and discussion leaders.

Through the ’70s and early ’80s, she taught a weekly Tuesday night college fellowship with scores of young people attending. She says ministering to women is where her heart is now. “Most work outside the home, many raise children alone, some have difficult marriages. Statistically, they will spend many years of their lives solo—through divorce, widowhood, late marriage, if at all. Life is hard, and I see them as heroic.”

When women understand how much God loves us, our faith will grow, and we will learn to lean on Him. We’ll understand why God created us and his plan for us. This series of lessons, “in the image of God…female", is a companion to a book she’s currently writing on this subject.