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Meet Sacramento, CA's Warehouse Christian Ministries
February 5, 2021 at 5:00 AM

Warehouse Christian Ministries in Sacramento, CA, is proud to provide local residents with a safe and inspirational nondenominational church to exercise their freedom of religion and strengthen their connection to our Lord and savior. While we are ardent in our belief that the Bible is God's revealed will, we also understand that we don't need to be beholden to old ways of practicing our Christianity. That's why we utilize technology in an innovative way to help share the Good Word. If you're searching for like-minded individuals and a sanctuary to share your beliefs, learn more about what Warehouse Christian Ministries offers.

What Sacramento, CA's Warehouse Christian Ministries believes.

Through our studies of the Bible, we've come to believe that there is one God eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father has spoken to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God became man to reveal the Father to us and to save us from our sins. Forever He is fully God and fully man.

When Jesus Christ returns, dead believers will be physically resurrected. Believers still living will also receive their glorified bodies. Unbelievers will also be raised. Then there be a judgment. Those who are in Christ will live with Him forever. Those who are not will be cast into hell.

Ultimately, our church is entrusted with helping local residents achieve a strong connection with The Lord through the ordinances of baptism in water, Holy Communion, the anointing of the sick, the marriage ceremony, the appointment of called persons to specific ministries, and with preaching of the Word. Through God, we believe that everything is possible, and we're devoted to sharing our passion with our diverse congregation.

Meet our pastoral staff.

Louis Neely is Sacramento, CA's Warehouse Christian Ministries' senior pastor and has a deep devotion to sharing the Word of God and seeing its powerful effect on people's lives. He originally founded Warehouse Ministries in 1974 and has served as a missionary evangelist for fourteen years. During that time, he conducted small and large crusades in India, East Africa, Brazil, Guyana, and Uruguay.

Pastor Neely is joined by Associate Pastor Will Hoc. Born and raised in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Will once believed that the Bible was an outdated book that was open to all kinds of interpretations except the literal one. However, he was born-again and discovered the amazing grace of God around the age of 20, when he partook in a missionary trip to Mississippi for the hurricane Katrina disaster relief. He joined Warehouse Christian Ministries in January of 2020.

Brent Arnold is the other Associate Pastor, having attended since he was a teenager before joining as a staff member in 1985. With an education from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Twin Peaks, California, Brent has served in many roles within the ministry, rising from a Junior High Pastor to his current position. In addition to serving Sacramento, CA's Warehouse Christian Ministries, he is proud to serve a