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Myths Vs. Facts of Teen Sunday School Class
May 25, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Teen Sunday school classes in Sacramento, CA

Christian parents are becoming increasingly aware of the need for teens to grow within the protection and perfect instruction of the Lord.

Youth Ministry class provides this opportunity for teenagers to grow in their understanding of Christ at a crucial point in their development.

However, there are common myths about Sunday school for teenagers, some of which you might have heard.

As Warehouse Christian Ministries holds classes for teens every Sunday.

If you’re a parent or a teenager considering attending and not sure what’s myth and what’s fact, we break down the three most common ones here.

Myth #1: A teen Sunday School class isn’t suited to the needs of teens today

Some believe that the challenges that teenagers face today have outpaced the old-fashioned way of teaching Sunday school.

The fact, however, is that the lessons that teen Sunday school provides are just as relevant today as ever. As in any other time, believers at this age grow through establishing a strong foundation, rooted in devotion to Christ.

Still, churches have seen the need to adapt lessons to changing times and now offer Bible-inspired life advice along with core spiritual teachings. Teens learn such practical skills as exercising discernment, practicing stewardship within the community, and relying on scripture for overcoming worldly and spiritual trials.

It’s also clear that today’s teenagers face influences that can distract them from the strait and narrow course.

Fact: Teen Sunday school classes give teens both a strong Biblical foundation and the practical skills they need to manage the challenges they face today.

Myth #2: Attending Sunday school strains teens’ schedules

We don’t always get to spend the amount of time we’d like in prayer, worship, nurturing a relationship. That’s true for believers of all ages, especially today’s teenagers who have ever more choice of activities to pursue.

For some of them, attending Sunday school translates to giving away the whole day or a big chunk of it, especially considering the service that comes before.

But the reality is that many churches offer Sunday school classes that are short, with the time carefully budgeted to bless young believers with wisdom from Christ.

Still, events with interactive games are available to foster friendship.

Fact: Sunday school classes at many churches — including Warehouse Christian Ministries here in Sacramento, CA — run for just an hour or slightly longer. Teens can advance their knowledge of the gospel without added pressure on their schedules.

Myth #3: Sunday school classes for teenagers don’t involve parents

Christian parents understandably want to feel involved in their teens’ spiritual growth. That’s why many reconsider Sunday school when they hear, falsely, that it doesn’t accommodate input from parents.

The truth couldn’t be more different. Classes tend to create room for parents to share advice in supporting the development of their children’s faith. After the lesson, attendees are often encouraged to discuss their revelations with their parents and loved ones, involving the whole family in a spirit of spiritual fellowship.

Fact: Sunday school involves parents and the community at large as vessels through which Christ is made more fully known to teenagers as they mature spiritually.

Build a foundation of knowledge in Christ with teen Sunday school class

Warehouse Christian Ministries hosts Bible study and events for teens through Sacramento, CA.