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Non-monetary ways to give to Christian churches in Sacramento
November 24, 2021 at 5:00 AM

Non-Monetary Ways to Give

If you’re wondering how to give back to Christian churches in Sacramento, look no further. Giving doesn’t have to be monetary, and there are plenty of ways to do your part. Here’s how to help your community out without spending a dime.

Donate Your Skills

Here at Warehouse Christian Ministries, we like to stay on top of technology. Offering our members digital services like livestreams and online prayer requests keeps us in touch with our base. Do you have any tech tricks up your sleeve? Got any suggestions for potential improvements? We’d love to get your two cents.

If you have other skills you’d like to contribute, feel free to lend your services. Maybe you’re an excellent cook with treats to share or perhaps you have experience organizing a food drive at school. We all have our own unique talents to contribute.

Bring a Friend

One of the best ways to show your support is by telling other friends about your awesome church community. If they’re interested in learning more, invite them to come join the fun. Ask neighbors or classmates to join you for Sunday’s service or consider joining one of our small group studies. Whatever your preference, we’ve got something lined up.

Another way to involve a friend is by getting to know about other Christian churches in Sacramento. Forming connections with nearby churches helps you network on behalf of your own. Spread the love of God by bringing friends and faith together for greater connection.

Attend Virtually

Many of us spent less time attending events in person during the pandemic. Even if you’re not ready to fully integrate just yet, why not attend a virtual service? Warehouse Christian Ministries offers service livestreams to its members for your convenience. 

Life gets busy for all of us and scheduling can be tricky. If you missed a service but still would like to watch it, why not check it out on Vimeo? Our Warehouse TV allows you to catch all our programming in real-time or when you have a chance. Tuning in virtually is one way to donate your time.

Help Other Members

Church is a community effort, so anything you can do to help the greater good is always appreciated. Start by giving a ride to another member or dropping them off after church. Offer to help the elderly in and out of the building or ask if there’s anything else they need.

Often, we forget that being together is an act of service. Community members with limited social interactions during the week often look forward to seeing fellow worshipers at church gatherings. While these pleasantries may seem small to you, a positive mood and a kind word go a long way towards building community.

Show Gratitude

One of the best things we can do for people is to acknowledge what they’ve done. Churches involve a lot of effort we're happy to do for a good cause. Still, telling someone how much you appreciate their time does not go unnoticed.

Another way you can show gratitude at church is by returning a favor in kind. If someone remembers your birthday or asks about plans you mentioned the week before, try doing the same for them. We tend to take communication for granted but it’s often your most powerful contribution.

Final Thoughts

There are countless ways to give to your church that don’t involve spending. Community spirit has everything to do with helping each other as best we can. Whether it’s coordinating with other churches or donating your skills, every little bit counts. Here’s to finding your own creative contribution!