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3 questions before joining a women’s ministry in Sacramento
April 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Joining a women's minsitry in Sacramento, CA is the best way to influence your peers for the better.

Everything must change with the times. As we move forward, our most pressing spiritual task is reevaluating the liturgical role of women. However, many still resist change. This is why finding a compatible women’s ministry in Sacramento, CA is so important. More than ever before, women have finally been given opportunities to fulfill vital spiritual and leadership roles in the church. At Warehouse Christian Ministries, we pride ourselves on inclusive, nondenominational practices. Unlike our competition, we adapt to the times.

Here are 3 questions to ask before joining a women’s ministry:

1. What percentage of your high-level leaders are women?

When joining a women’s ministry in Sacramento, CA, it’s easy to assume they are a progressive group of like-minded individuals who truly value the women in their church.

However, this question is crucial to ensure you’re joining a women’s ministry in a church with a culture that values women in leadership positions. What’s the ratio of men to women? How disproportionate is it? Being above average isn’t exactly an accomplishment here.

Research shows women comprise 17% to 27% of church leadership roles. This is an unacceptable minority. However, this is still a point of contention for some. Many people have archaic notions of women’s roles in church leadership.

When asking this question, if their percentage is alarmingly low, it’s a good sign they probably don’t prioritize women in their church. However, at Warehouse Christian Ministries, we recognize women as the true backbone of any congregation.

2. Are women paid the same as men?

Another way to determine how much a church values its women is how much they’re paid. This is essential to consider before making commitments to a women’s ministry in Sacramento, CA.

While money isn’t the end-all-be-all of value, it certainly reflects their church culture. More importantly, if they have yet to make meaningful changes in payment models, any meaningful change will be excruciatingly slow if it occurs at all.

Particularly for positions where women and men are doing the same work, this question is critical. More than equality, this ensures you’re not taken advantage of.

On average, women earn $0.77 for every dollar men earn. If the church truly values women ministers, this disparity will be nonexistent. At Warehouse Christian Ministries, we don’t discriminate because, ultimately, we are all of the same flesh and spirit.

3. What do you believe is a woman’s role in the church?

When considering where to join a women’s ministry in Sacramento, CA, asking how they perceive the role of women in the church is imperative.

This question will enable you to determine if your ideas and philosophies align. More importantly, it’ll provide invaluable insight into the scope of your influence as a minister and the autonomy you’ll be afforded.

Even more useful is asking what Bible passages reflect their attitude toward women in and outside the church. You can deduce a lot about what they truly believe and feel based on their selection.

Ultimately, no ministry values women quite like Warehouse Christian Ministries. We believe in cultivating an environment in which women can truly flourish, both personally and spiritually.

Contact us now to join our ministry!

If you’re interested in a women’s ministry in Sacramento, CA, Warehouse Christian Ministries is the only solution that affords the opportunity and spiritual succor women deserve. Unlike competitors, we embrace change and believe in total equality. We welcome women ministers eagerly, and we even live stream services and take online prayer requests. Contact us now to join our ministry or attend a service!